RARE OPPORTUNITY – Cannabis Farm 4-Sale or Lease (Hood River OREGON) $7500 2bd 1400ft2


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You have been looking for that perfect farm for your Cannabis operation and running into the usual challenges:

No electricity or too expensive electricity, No water or bad water (Boron, Arsenic, Iron etc), No sewer, No garbage, bad soil, No farm house for the grower to live in, No sun or bad sun, Antagonistic neighbors, No barn or Headhouse, No greenhouse, Denial of your Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) by the County, Delays of months for your LUCS by the County, Too close to a school, Too close to the property boundary, City County and State politics, No local suppliers vendors or contractors, No internet service, No nearby culture, Enterprise/Startup costs way too high, No access to large markets, No roads on the property, No access to a major airport, No local schools, Owner doesn’t return your calls, No Owner-Carry, No Lease available, No Buyout available, No No No No. You know this list is so much longer because you have been dealing with the No’s!

Well stop looking because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! This property offers a whole lot more than you dared to hope for! You can buy right now for $785,000 or you can lease for $7500/month with the full year payable up front. Please provide your contact info with all enquiries and I will be happy to relay it to the owner.

“What is so special about this property?” First, it is 100% confirmed ok for a Medical Cannabis grow. Second, it is 100% confirmed ok for a Recreational Cannabis grow. Third, this is one of the only properties that Hood River County will allow to do a Cannabis grow. More importantly, the property has a very mature Tier 1 Recreational application that is sitting on an inspectors desk and the State has given their permission for the owner to TRANSFER THIS TO YOU if that is what you desire. This has been confirmed! You can change the Cultivation Plan and the Boundary Plan and everything else except one thing – you must buy the LLC on the Rec application along with the Domain Name, Website and Email Address. “What if the LLC has a goofy name?” Don’t worry. Does “Hood River Valley Farm” have a nice distinguished ring to it? “What about the LUCS? That takes months!” Don’t worry. The County Planning Department has already informed us that the LUCS has been approved for this property and it doesn’t even have to be transferred to you. This has been confirmed! “What if I don’t want to buy the LLC?” No problem. Again, the LUCS goes with the property. Just fill out your own application in your own name and you do you.

“What about Water Rights?” No problem. You have Rights to water 4.4 acres from a canal with runoff from Mt Hood’s Pristine Glaciers. GROWERS: The Canal runs along the backside of the property which slopes downhill from there for a Gravity Feed system and in the Winter you have very cheap and clean city water when they shut it down. “What if I want to do a Tier 2 grow instead of a Tier 1 grow?” The State merely told us that the only thing that cannot change on the application is the of the applicant, which is not a person, it is an LLC. Everything else can be changed. “How long will this take if I/We just buy out this LLC?” The answer depends on how fast you can transfer the LLC with the State, install the security cameras, finish your rooms, install your fence and change the dats on the application. Can you get that done in 2 weeks? Then you can get an Inspector to come out soon after that. How do I know? Because he said so!!! This application was one of the very first in the State and has been sitting on his desk forever. This whole thing can come together whirlwind fast for you!

“What about the property itself?” This is 4.84 acres of Exclusive Farm Use (EFU). The Farm House is a 1940’s charmer: warm, inviting, in some ways magical beyond belief. It is 1348 ft2, 2 bed, 1 bath, living room w wood floor, den, dining room, small covered front deck, large uncovered front deck, medium modern back deck with covered jacuzzi and wood benches for your parties, updated kitchen with sit-down bar gas-fireplace and black granite counters, updated bath, double-sided floor-to-ceiling rock fireplace with a massive single-rock Mantle, recently painted walls, Washer + Dryer hookup. There is a 400 ft2 single-car attached garage with an underground workshop which is very cool in the Summer heat and can support a clone/Mother center for the entire operation. The house is surrounded by beautiful gardens and a line of privacy trees. There is an orchard of fruit trees on about 1/4 acre facing Miller road and you can even pay the man that planted them to take care of them. There is a fancy chicken enclosed chicken coop near to the house for rabbits or birds. There is also a full RV hookup.

“What about Internet?” You can buy Internet from the Hood River Electric Co-op. There is a satellite antenna on the house with a direct LOS to the tower so it’s fast enough for streaming and gaming. OR….. (drumroll please), that same Co-op has FIBER cable that is 1/4 mile away. They have agreed to run it to the house for a price that is so low they wont even recoup their money for a few years. That is 150 mbps of BLAZING FAST SPEED that you will be asking “how in the heck did we get this out here in little Parkdale?” “Can I hear more about the Water?” You buy it from the East Fork Irrigation District Canal = $440 for 6 months. The canal is easily accessed from an entire side of the property. GROWERS: This is run-off from Mt. Hood’s glaciers and it is possibly the most pristine and pure water in the entire world.

“What about Mail, Sewer and Garbage?” The Postal Service delivers right out front and the Garbage Service picks up out front and Bonus – they will take extra bags set by the can. “What about electricity?” Oregon has the cheapest electricity rate in the Nation due to its Hydroelectric dams, and in Oregon, the cheapest electicity rate is here in the Hood River Electric Co-op — reportedly 7.5 cents/kwh. Imagine if you got the county to add different addresses here so you could stack licenses for an Indoor/Hybrid Greenhouse mixed grow where you could potentially save over $50k on electricity every year! There is 200 amps at the house and 200 amps at the Barn/Greenhouse. If you want to upgrade the Power Company has already said they would help put in a Transformer for cheap at one corner of the property or there is a Greenbox right next to the house if you don’t mind chewing up the neighbor’s driveway to run your wire underground.

“What about the Greenhouse?” This is an older 30×70 double-poly greenhouse with manual crank-up sides for summer ventilation and a large propane heater for winter operation. There is a galvanized “Light Piping” network designed to hold your fans and grow lights. There is an electical panel already prewired into mechanical timers that run to many Romex lines that go to various 220 outlets you can put anywhere you desire. Right now there are insulated clone and Mother rooms in the Greenhouse with 220 outlets you can upgrade, use as is, break down to use the mats elsewhere or move as-is to another location in the barn. It is plumbed for all the water you need for your drip system. It has a large and sturdy wooden work-table and is seperated from the neighbor’s land by a large solid wood privacy fence.

“What about the Barn?” This Barn is (I’m guessing) around 3000 ft2 including overhangs. There are two large horse stalls, a heated tack room/work room and ample storage for hay and farm equipment, a Bathroom that needs some updating, There are two overhangs and one of them is large enough to fit a standard storage container into if you want a prefabbed Cropbox or Dry-room or Storage-room with the required Steel doors. There is a 9.5’x37′ room framed in for the Tier 1 grow. BUT — because you have to change your Cultivation and Boundary plans already, you can do anything you want! You can close in the open parts of the Barn so you can have a 2-story-tall drying room where you hoist your entire 8-foot tall bush up by the stalk if you want. It’s up to you!

“What about the Field?” My guess is that there are 3 full acres of field. It usually gets full sun from about 8am on and is surrounded by an Electric Fence. It gently slopes down (West methinks) away from the Canal so you can put in a 1500 gallon tank and use the slope to generate enough Head Pressure to run a Plug-n-Play Drip Tape system or whatever irrigation you are using. “Is it good soil?” Hood River Valley is a Fruit Valley and everywhere you look farming Success is right in-your-face. This is due to some of the richest volcanic soil in the world (we are in between two volcanoes . This means that your field is full of about $50,000 in free Trace Minerals. There are actually companies like Cascade Minerals that bag the rock dust up and sell it for $20/bag. The soil is rich enough that you can plant directly in the ground if you want, which is an amazing score.

“What about local Super Soil suppliers?” To build those No-Till Berms or fill those 1000 gallon smart pots you can go through the nearby (Dallasport) company called “Dirt Huggers” to buy their “Sky Puncher” Super Soil for $317/cubic yard (see their video on youtube). Growers – the neighbor’s have Alpacas — go volunteer to take their dung off their hands and prosper! If you need to rent a farmer with their tractor or backhoe, there are only 500 of them around and they are all very friendly and helfpul. “What about proximity to Markets and Consumers?” There are around 8 different Dispensaries in the Columbia River Gorge that like to buy local. Furthermore Portland is less than 1 hour away and it has over 100 Dispensaries — more Dispensaries than Starbucks! Portland has only 2 registered production sites so those Dispensaries are for product. Portland is the start of the North-to-South I-5 corridor that goes through all of the major cities in Oregon. You are literally within a few hour drive of 200 Dispensaries. There are a few Distributor Co-ops you can sign up with that will move your product for you for a % of the sale.

“What about local Amenities and Services?” Parkdale is a tiny Mayberry sized berg with gourmet offerings: two or three Brewubs, a gourmet BBQ restaurant, a good Burger/Ice-cream joint, a couple Bakeries, a Gas Station, a Hardware store that will order you anything, a Fire Dept, a medium sized Grocery Store that is modern, clean and has a Red Box, a newly updated Laundromat, a Grange Hall with monthly community meals to meet your neighbors and make some business contacts, a Junkyard, a Library, a Repair shop (with a Tow Truck). The Hood River Valley is full of more Fresh Fruit than you have ever seen and there are bakeries, restaurants, cider-tasting and wine-tasting joints everywhere. “What about my kid?” Your children are in good hands. Nearby is Parkdale Elementary (K-5) and Hood River Valley High (9-12). There is an Extension College in Hood River 14 miles away. Mt Hood Community College is 45 minutes away and only 1 hour away in Portland are 30 different Colleges. Down I-5 you find two Pac-12 Schools: Oregon State (Corvalis) and University of Oregon (Eugene).

“What about Hood River?” Just 14 miles down the road is Hood River — one of the most awesome and beautiful cities in the world. It has the corporate stuff that makes you feel at home — Starbucks, Safeway, Walmart, but it is the other Hood River that shines. Good luck counting how many Brewpubs, Distilleries, Wine-Tasting Rooms and Gourmet Restaurant’s there are. The local Best Western is right on the river and was voted THE BEST one in the entire chain. There is a local airport and marina and Providence is a highly respected hospital that shares some of the best professionals with nearby Portland. Hood River has several high-end Breweries and Wineries that are always hiring at good wages. There are two movie theatres in town. WA is a 1 minute drive over the Hood River Bridge, and from there it is a few hour drive to “The Gorge at George” Washington which is consistently voted one of the best places to see a concert in the world. Boise Idaho is a half days drive away. The Oregon Coast is a few hours away if you want to Whale Watch, Fish, Crab, Camp or explore. Unlike other States, all of Oregon’s Beaches are publically owned.

“What about a large local city?” 1 hours drive and you are in Portland with a major Airport, major Concerts and Festivals, and the home of the famous Portlandia series — “where 30-year old singles go to retire”. Eclectic Portland’s motto is “KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD!” Portland has the most literate people than any other city in America. The 5000 acre Forest Park is the largest wilderness park within a City Limits. Portland is consistently voted in the Top 5 cities in America for things like Greenest City, Cleanest City, Best City to have a Baby, Largest Bicycle Commuter City and Top Food and Bar Scene in the USA. Oregon was the place where Microbrews were reborn and there are over 60 Brewpubs in Portland. Lastly for the past 5 years Oregon has been either been #1 or #2 on the “Most-Moved-To” list of States and Portland just passed Nashville to enter the Top 25 biggest cities in America.

“What about Cannabis Amenities?” There are well-stocked hardware stores and a Lumberyard in HR. There are two friendly Growers Supply stores in town that will order you anything from their catalogues (Hydrofarm, Sunlight Supply etc) and 1 hours drive into Portland there are 40 different Growers Supply stores. Sunlight Supply’s international headquarters is just across the river from Portland. There are copious Suppliers, Vendors, Distributors and Whatnots everywhere throughout Portland…. You hit the Jackpot! There are several professional Clone growers and Guilds around Portland, and even more Seed growers and Guilds. You can join a dozen Cannabis groups on Facebook that are Portland-centric.

“What is this ‘Lifestyle Grow’ you mentioned?” A “Lifestyle Grow” is a farm that is so beautiful that it feels like you are growing in the Garden of Eden. There must be nearby culture and ample nearby recreational opportunities and I’ve already mentioned the nearby Concerts, Festivals, Brewpubs, Wineries etc. The Coup-de-Grace and the cherry on your cake is the fact that from every corner of this property there are MAGNIFICENT and STUNNING views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams. Do you see the posted pictures of Mt. Hood in all of these surreal colors? Those are not photoshopped! You are in the Eagle’s Nest here — it feels like you are on top of Mount Olympus and this might very well be one of the most beautiful Cannabis farms in the entire world! Mt. Hood is always voted as one of the most iconic mountains in the entire world and you can use this icon by incorporating it into your Brand, your Logo and your Identity!

“What kinds of activities are nearby?” Just a few miles away there are trailheads like Surveyors Ridge and Bald Butte that hook up to an AMAZING 1200 miles of hiking trails winding through 189,200 miles of Wilderness full of pristine Lakes, wild Rivers, majestic Waterfalls and year-round Glaciers, and can you say FRESH POWDER? Because Mt. Hood has 6 different ski areas: Mount Hood Meadows, Timberline, Ski Bowl, Cooper Spur, Snow Bunny and Summit and the nearest one is only 20 minutes away! Down in the Columbia Gorge you find what is often called the Windsurfing Capital of the World. There is a port to berth your Sailboat, nearby Fishing, Hiking, Camping, Skiing, Paragliding, Skydiving, Hunting, Trapping, Scuba Diving, Miles of Bicycle Trails and the 100-mile Mt. Hood Scenic Highway which starts out in Hood River, loops around Mt Hood and curves back to Gresham and takes you through fruit valleys and thick fir forest. Everyone that lives here is healthy, happy, joyful, friendly and flirty. Lots of singles to mingle with! Behold the Power of the Lifestyle Grow! The Force is Strong here – and all of that Joy goes into your plants! After one or two months here, you will be spiritually cleansed. BELIEVE IT!!!!

Hood River County has pushed all of the eligible Cannabis properties into a central corridor. This is probably the only one that is grandfathered in outside of that corridor, and it is also grandfathered in against many of their newer ordinances (provided you use the existing buildings). This place is a GEM. You can snap this property up for $785,000 right now, or a 1-year Lease is $7500/month with the full year payable UP FRONT. There is a Tenant option on 2nd year, but the owner will encourage you to buy at that point instead. I’ve been helping clients find Cannabis-eligible properties for 2 years now. I’ve seen them snap up $10,000/month Leases without batting an eye and there is no doubt that this place is a Steal of a Deal. I have two suggestions: first, everything is negotiable until it’s not, and second, don’t Kick the Tires for too long. Come check out the Hood River Valley Farm.


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