Fixer and Flip in Studio City, CA Los Angeles | 50% ROI < 6 months | (Studio Cit, CA) $200000 5bd 3560ft2


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We have the unique opportunity to purchase a true 100% shovel ready project in Studio City, CA for only $1,049,000. This deal is one of those opportunities you just can’t walk away from. Literally everything is approved. The plans, permits, temporary construction utilities have been run, the construction fence and porta potties are at the property. Once we close escrow we will break ground and be off to the races. We have done our due diligence and this is the project we have been waiting for.

Construction should be completed in 4 months, barring any unforeseen setbacks. Even if there were any problems it would be done in a maximum amount of time of 6 months. During the entire time we will have pre-marketing going on where we project to have this property pre-sold before we complete the construction. We will be doing a robust marketing campaign both grassroots and online in order to have this sold and transferred the day we close. The goal is to never let it see the open market.

The property is going to be a 3500 square foot masterpiece, cape cod style home with a gorgeous pool. There are 20-30+ comparable sales where many other developers have done this exact same thing and we are going to literally follow their blueprint the entire way.


We’re looking for an investor or multiple investors to provide the $200,000 of the $400,000 total in GAP financing for this great new construction opportunity in Studio City, CA. The group is buying the property for $1,049,000 with all of the plans and permits already stamped, approved and paid for. This is truly shovel ready.

The construction costs all in are projected to be around $650,000 or just under $200 a square foot.

I have full due diligence information so please email me directly at show contact info or text or call me at show contact info

Money Breakdown:

Purchase price + Construction Costs + holding costs + Closing costs + RE commission = $2,000,000

Projected resale = $2,500,000 based on 20+ comps

Net profit = $500,000


The investors will be receiving 40% of the profit from the sale of the project. This would equate to approximately $200,000 paid to the investors in the projected 4-6 months’ time frame. That would be a 50% return on the $400,000 investment (ROI) in 4 months’ time if everything works out perfectly which would equate to a 125% annualized ROI. The loan will be structured for 12 months out of precaution, but we project it to be paid off in the next 4-6 months. Please be assured that we will be pre-marketing this house very strongly starting the very first couple of weeks of construction.

This return far outstrips any traditional investment strategies or other lending practices you may make.

Your investment will be securitized by a Joint Venture agreement, and shares of the holding entity LLC (that will own the property) and Promissory NOTE, so you are well protected.

Start putting your money to work!!!
Call or text me at show contact info or email me at show contact info

search words: foreclosure, fixer upper, fix and flip, flip, financing, hard money, private money, tlc, handyman special, teardown, shovel ready, contractor special, auction, cosmetic rehab, rehab, rehab property, These opportunities are usually located in los angeles, orange county, southern California, palm springs, huntington beach, CA. This is not traditional financing or hard money or private money. Many lenders who provide hard money financing or private money financing are not gap investors, so we are looking for true private individuals who are looking for solid ROI (return on investment) investments by being part of new property acquisitions on properties that are for sale. These opportunities are primarily for single family residences that are fixer uppers, fix and flips, need TLC and are hangman specials. So please call us if you are interested in gap, or jv, or being involved in a joint venture capacity on this amazing house flip opportunity in the amazing neighborhood of Studio City in Los Angeles California.


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